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Call for participation

The RTL8181 Linux port is an open source development effort. Like in all open source projects, the strength of the effort is given by the added strengths of the people involved. We encourage everybody to participate in the development of what we believe will become one of the few 100% open-source powered embedded wireless platforms. You can contribute as much or as little as you feel like: there are no obligations, no quotas to meet, plenty of ways to get involved, and many of them don't even require an ability to read, write, compile and debug code.
As you may have already noticed, our contributors are always properly credited, unless they specifically request their identity to remain private.

Here are just a few ideas:

Download, test or review the code

As of February 2004, the published code allows the building of complete uploadable "firmware" images for RTL8181 devices. As of October 2004, an open source driver for the wireless MAC (RTL8180) is also available.

Contribute code

Contribute without coding

Yes you can. See Craig Buchek's How to contribute to Open Source without coding for a few good suggestions.

Support and help enforce the GNU GPL

As an open source publisher, coder, contributor or just happy user, you probably share our feelings about those people who abuse other people's work in total contempt of the authors' expectations (and legal right) to receive proper compensation, reciprocal or material, for their efforts. If you do, remember that it's up to you to do something about it.

Two words: Create Awareness. If you have an interesting experience to share, please post it in the newly created GPL violation fightback forum, so that other people can learn from it as well.

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