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SWEEX Wireless Broadband router

Write-up credits: roh_sf at hyte-dot-de.

i have a 'SWEEX wireless broadband router' here

on the bottom it says

made in taiwan

it looks exactly the same as the AOpen AOI-906 and Xnet Technology WR-9004PE
only the colors are silver on top and transparent grey on the bottom
it's priced about 75Euro here in germany and has also 16mbytes ram,
2mbytes flash, 8305SB as eth and SA2400 as radio modem

the serial has another pinout than the pinouts shown on the site:

a 2-row x 4 pins connector on the right front corner

2 txd
4 rts
6 cts
7 +3.3V
8 rxd

pins counting:
1 2  |
3 4  |
5 6  |right
7 8  |

the router has a 12V/1 amp powersupply but it seems a 9V 1.1A is also

i only connected txd and rxd for now, get a working bootloader console
and some strange diag-login screen with the original firmware
but the default password and username (admin/1234) doesnt work like on
the webinterface is a page with a link to the
original firmware.. i also find no gpl notice and no source to download
please add this information to

Write-up credits: roh_sf at hyte-dot-de.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, Streetdata Pty Ltd