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Mission statement

To develop a clean, GPL compliant port of the Linux kernel, drivers and tools to Realtek's RTL8181 "802.11b wireless gateway controller" system-on-chip, used in a variety of wireless access point and gateway devices.

Project status

The project is presently in the alpha stage. All software components needed to build a fully operational system are available and their overall development status can be generally described as "functional". These include: A cross-compiler toolchain is also available, with complete source code. Besides compiling the kernel files and drivers, the toolchain can be used to build other open-source tools and programs with only minimal effort - usually as easy as adding an extra flag to the command line.

You are invited to download a copy, test it, come back and tell us all about it. Pre-built demo images are also available.


Who's responsible for this?

This is an open source project started by a few coders from Streetdata, an Australian company, and by the way, we're not responsible.

Participation is open and voluntary. If you believe in the goals of our project and wish to get involved, you are welcome to contribute as much or as little as you feel like. Check the call for participation for more details or contact a project administrator if not sure where to start.

The obligatory fine print:

All code contributed to this project by Streetdata developers, whether on the clock or after hours, is Copyright (c) Streetdata Pty Ltd, released under version 2 of the GNU General Public Licence. Code contributed by other project members and/or reproduced legally from third-party sources is copyright by its respective authors. Comments, rants, inflamatory remarks etc are strictly the poster's own opinion and do not represent an official company position, nor do they necessarily reflect the company's views.

The project is not affiliated with, nor officially supported or endorsed by Realtek Semiconductors Inc, or any hardware OEM mentioned on this website. All other people's registered trademarks are registered trademarks of other people. :)

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, Streetdata Pty Ltd